Thanks: deploying social norms

Thanks people for doing the right thing.


Reduction in gum littering, when trialled in Sheffield

A lighter tone intervention that simply thanks people for doing the right thing and binning their gum. Builds on the behavioural theory of social norms, which are commonly held expectations or unwritten rules that guide how people act. Research shows that we tend to behave in a certain way if we feel it’s expected by others.

Available formats

Bin sticker

Weatherproof polyprop 50cm x 50cm

Street furniture sticker

Weatherproof polyprop A6

Window sticker

Clear PET film A5

How to execute this intervention

This intervention works well where a light (rather than official) tone is suitable. It proved effective when trialled in an area which is busy at certain times with multiple food on the go outlets and bars. Saying ‘thanks’ delivers an unspoken assumption that somebody has already done the right thing (without needing to tell them to do it).

Intervention Circumstances

Bus stop

Station entrance

Shopping street

Retail outlet entrance

Food drink on the go

Outdoor seating

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