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Cleaner streets make for happier and healthier communities. While most chewers do the right thing and dispose of their gum responsibly, there is still work to do if we are to make littering a thing of the past. Use this site to order new materials specifically designed to tackle the problem: a set of robustly tested, highly targeted and scalable campaigns proven to be effective in changing behaviour.


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This toolkit is designed for local practitioners with responsibility for tackling the problem. Local Authorities, businesses, transport providers, BIDs or any other organisation interested in reducing gum littering can access readymade campaigns for free, to use in problem areas. Use the menu below to browse campaigns suited to specific littering hot spots.

Proven effectiveness

All the campaigns in this toolkit have been tested in local pilots, where we've worked with partners around the country to trial the materials and measure their effectiveness. We used new evaluation methods, providing unprecedented robustness in proving effectiveness.

Each campaign has been proven to reduce littered gum by at least 33% and in some cases up to 64%, whilst being easy to execute and highly scalable. This effect is sustained over the long term - a single campaign can be retained for up to a year before losing effectiveness.

In addition, our tests showed that the campaigns can be more than twice as effective as cleaning only. A site that has only been cleaned will return to a normal rate of gum littering after around 18 weeks.

Given the considerable expense of cleaning littered gum, this has important implications:
- Costs savings from less frequent rental of specialist equipment
- Opportunities to redeploy cleaning officers
- Cover wider areas with greater gaps between cleaning while achieving better results

Our responsibility

Mars Wrigley has long recognised that we have a responsibility to work with others to help tackle the problem of littered gum.

We have been investing in campaigns and partnerships addressing litter across the UK for many years. Our experience has taught us that the only long-term solution is stopping people from doing it in the first place by promoting responsible disposal.

Through a 5-year innovation programme with not-for-profit social enterprise Behaviour Change, we have worked with local partners to test a range of new ways to encourage responsible behaviour. As a result, we now have a growing bank of knowledge about what works to share with local practitioners, with the aim of boosting litter reduction efforts nationally.

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