Social Assets

Download social media assets to support your campaign

In the first couple of years of the Chewing Gum Task Force we experienced high demand from councils for social media assets to help promote their grant use. We encourage councils to use their own images for social posts, but we recognise that isn't always possible. So, as well as providing suggested copy to go with social posts, we have developed ready-to-use social media assets. We offer options for both static images and GIFs, all available at no cost to grant recipients. Additionally, both designs are available in Welsh.

You can browse the social media campaign routes below and download everything you need, including suggested copy, at the bottom of the page.


Augmented reality

​Transform dull street pictures into lively scenes bursting with character. With quirky squiggles and bursts of colour, this option brings images of gum litter and street cleansing to life. Perfect for councils lacking original photographs for social media, opt for this route to showcase your commitment to promoting responsible gum disposal in the streets.

Stick man

Inject some colour into your socials with our stick man figure enacting Chewing Gum Task Force activities. From celebrating the grant to cleansing the streets and installing signage, this dynamic visual narrative is perfect for conveying the timeline of your gum litter prevention efforts. Choose this route to tell a vibrant story that resonates with your audience.

Stick man
Download social assets - English Download social assets - Welsh