Gnomes: looking after green spaces

A smile-inducing intervention specifically designed for green spaces.


Reduction in gum littering, when trialled in Wandle Park, Croydon

Our research suggested that being observed could be a powerful motivator to not litter, so this takes the idea of “watching eyes” to the next level. Traditional guardians of the natural world, gnomes playfully remind people to use the bins. A pilot showed that this signage is effective in reducing general litter, including small items like gum.

Available formats

Bin sticker

Weatherproof polyprop A3


PVC/phthalate-free, with recyclable plastic eyelets 90cm x 280cm


Satin paper FSC A3

How to execute this intervention

This is designed for all kinds of green spaces where littering is common. Ideal locations could include: any part of a park, especially entrances, exits and bins; leisure areas like playgrounds, cafes and skate parks; and high-footfall paths and cut-throughs. Multiple designs are available, as banners, bin vinyls and posters for notice boards.

Intervention Circumstances

Green space

Outdoor seating


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