Step by Step

Ordering and installing your prevention signage package



Contact made

If you are a Local Authority and are interested in accessing prevention signage, please contact us. Councils who have successfully applied for a clean-up fund grant will be contacted by us directly


2 contact

Local needs discussed with our specialist advisor

We will contact you to discuss your local needs. We will want to know more about the area you are looking to implement the signage (e.g. area usage, size, street furniture, bin type, etc) so that we can fully assess the best options for your local needs


3 delivery

Signage ordered and delivered

Once you have discussed your needs with us, we will be able to advise you on the right signage in the right formats for the hotspots you want to tackle. You can then place an order for those materials through this website. Your signage will be printed and delivered free of charge (it is funded entirely by the Chewing Gum Task Force)


4 clean surface

Deep clean the area, and then install

If you are in receipt of a Chewing Gum Task Force clean-up grant, you must install the signage within 3 days of your gum clean-up taking place. If you are not in receipt of a Chewing Gum Task Force clean-up grant, we still recommend you do a deep clean of the area before installing, if at all possible, as our evidence suggests a clean-up along with installing signage is more effective than installing our signage alone


5 evidence

Provide us with evidence of installation

Once you have done your clean-up and installed the prevention package interventions, you will need to send photos of them in-situ to

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Available as posters, stickers, banners, signs and stencils

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