Using bins as a nudge

One reason people give for not using bins for their gum is that they didn’t see them. This intervention makes sure the bins are visible and gives a timely prompt.

This intervention is about being in the right place at the right time, pre-empting that somebody might want to dispose of their gum at that moment and making the bin the obvious place to do it. Effective for use in busy places, or moments of transition, like the entrance to a shop or station.

About this campaign

This is a versatile intervention with multiple possible circumstances where it could be used. It proved effective when trialled in a very busy environment where the bins would have often gone unnoticed. It suits transition moments particularly well, for example when a gum chewer might be about to go in or come out of somewhere.

33% reduction in gum littering, when trialled outside Farringdon station, London

Available formats

Bin Sticker

Weatherproof polyprop A4, A3

Lamppost sign

5mm BubbleBoard A3

Intervention Circumstances

Retail Outlet Entrance

Bus Stop

Station Entrance

Station Interior

Shopping Street

Food Drink on the Go

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