321: Bus

This is a highly targeted intervention to prompt gum disposal at bus stops

It focuses on insight that revealed ‘transition moments’ while using public transport are a common trigger for littering chewing gum, with bus stops being a particular hot spot. The design aims to mimic bus stop signs using ‘321, bin your gum’ as a memorable phrase as well as the play on being a bus number. Not avalible in Welsh bilingual.

About this campaign

Signage should be displayed on lampposts and bins around bus stops, delivering a highly targeted message that it’s time to bin your gum.

62% reduction in gum littering, when trailled on Holloway Road, Islington, London

Available formats

Bin sticker

Weatherproof polyprop 35cm x 35cm

Lamppost sign

5mm Bubbleboard 35cm x 35cm

Intervention Circumstances

Bus Stop

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