Clean stencilling

Delivering a prompt to use the bin right at the point where littering might occur.

The pavement is the place where gum is littered, so what better place to deliver a message to do the right thing and put it in the bin instead? This intervention uses a stencil to send a "clean" message anywhere it's needed, prompting people to bin their gum.

About this campaign

The flexible plastic stencil should be placed on the pavement and then run over with a jet washer, leaving a "clean" imprint of the message on the pavement. Use as much and as often as you need - one stencil can be used to deliver an infinite number of messages! Depending on how much the pavement is used (and how much it rains), the message will fade over a period of 2-4 months. The stencil can also be used to paint the message on a pavement.

53% reduction in gum littering, when trialled in Southside, Birmingham

Available formats


1.5mm Gloss White HIPS 90cm round

Intervention Circumstances

Retail Outlet Entrance

Bus Stop

Station Entrance

Shopping Street

Food Drink on the Go

Cut Through

Outdoor Seating

Green space

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