Using emojis rather than text

This design plays on the fact humans process visual information almost instantly compared to text. It makes for an unusual and attention-grabbing design that is univerally understood.

About this campaign

This intervention proved effective when displayed on a busy high street. It works well in areas when a playful (rather than formal) tone is suitable.

30% reduction in gum littering, when trailled in Streatham, London

Available formats

Bin Sticker

Weatherproof polyprop A3

Street furniture sticker

Weatherproof polyprop A6, A4

Lamppost sign

5mm bubbleboard A3

Window sticker

Clear PET film A5


Satin FSC paper A4, A3

Intervention Circumstances

Retail Outlet Entrance

Bus Stop

Station Entrance

Station Interior

Shopping Street

Food Drink on the Go

Cut Through

Car Park

Outdoor Seating

Green space

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