'Don't drop gum'

An official sign warning the public not to drop gum.

This idea builds on the insight that people don’t like gum sticking to their shoe. As an official-looking sign, it's versatile in its possible uses, but does need to be used in the right kind of places where this tone is common.

About this campaign

This is a very versatile intervention which can be applied in any circumstance where a more official tone is needed. It proved effective when trialled across a variety of formats from small stickers to bigger banners and floor vinyls in car parks.

34% reduction in gum littering, when trialled in Sheffield station

Available formats


Satin paper FSC A4, A3

Window sticker

Clear PET film A5


PVC & Phthalate-free banner with recycled plastic eyelets 90cm x 128cm

Lamppost sign

5mm BubbleBoard A3

Street furniture sticker

Weatherproof polyprop A6, A4

Bin Sticker

Wetherproof polyprop A3

Intervention Circumstances

Bus Stop

Station Entrance

Station Interior

Cut Through

Car Park

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